We consult, conceptualize, design and plan for and with
agencies, architects, designers, set designers , scenographers and directors,

- Artistic and sculptural light work (unfettered and thematic work)
- Exhibition lighting for galleries and museums (including conservational aspects)
- Exhibition lighting for corporate and brand presentation (road shows, theme exhibition)
- Lighting of trade fair stands, hotels and public buildings
- Development of structurally integrated lighting solutions
- Development of customized luminaires for stage and architectural applications
We can design and plan independently or according to specific requirements. 
We work with the applicable standards of lighting and control technologies for buildings
as well as those for theather and event technology. 

We view ourselves as a service provider for customized lighting solutions.
Our work follows a holistic approach harnessing all formal design, conceptual, 
ergonomic and technical standards, whereby requirements can be studied
and solutions can be developed. 

We plan absolutely independently and solely in the interest of the client. 
Our focus is always the client, the commisioner and the project and 
their concepts, ideas and requests are to be implemented. 

Scope of Services

Presentation of ideas, concepts, technical plans, costs by:

- Text statements, explanations
- Illustrative presentations of light distributions, lighting design
- Lighting calculations
- 3D-Renderings / animation
- Techn. schematic diagrams, standard details 
- Lighting catalogues/ reference materials
- Tabulated material and cost calculations 
Technical planning 

Planning services
- Lighting position plans, directional plans in all standard 2D-3D CAD-data formats
- Light calculations with Relux / Dialux
- 3D-visualizations in Photoshop or as interactive lighting simulations
- Tabulated and system presentations of all components 
- Definition of lighting control and switching strategies or cinematic sequences
- Design for custom lighting
- Mock-up models
- Prototype development with manufacturers
- Workplace lighting according to DIN standards
- Cost-efficiency calculations according to DIN standards
- Data records for energy performance according to the applicable EnEV
- Cost calculations, Cost control
- Lamp/ Luminaire specifications (GAP)
- Assistance in awarding contracts 

Project execution
- Scheduling
- Coordination, Monitoring project implementation
- Lighting
- Programming / Lighting control 

- Documentations of all system components, plans, calculations, and permits
  according to the required documentation guidelines
- Operational manuals for proper system operations and maintenance