Scope of Services

Presentation of ideas, concepts, technical plans, costs by:

- Text statements, explanations
- Illustrative presentations of light distributions, lighting design
- Lighting calculations
- 3D-Renderings / animation
- Techn. schematic diagrams, standard details 
- Lighting catalogues/ reference materials
- Tabulated material and cost calculations 
Technical planning 

Planning services
- Lighting position plans, directional plans in all standard 2D-3D CAD-data formats
- Light calculations with Relux / Dialux
- 3D-visualizations in Photoshop or as interactive lighting simulations
- Tabulated and system presentations of all components 
- Definition of lighting control and switching strategies or cinematic sequences
- Design for custom lighting
- Mock-up models
- Prototype development with manufacturers
- Workplace lighting according to DIN standards
- Cost-efficiency calculations according to DIN standards
- Data records for energy performance according to the applicable EnEV
- Cost calculations, Cost control
- Lamp/ Luminaire specifications (GAP)
- Assistance in awarding contracts 

Project execution
- Scheduling
- Coordination, Monitoring project implementation
- Lighting
- Programming / Lighting control 

- Documentations of all system components, plans, calculations, and permits
  according to the required documentation guidelines
- Operational manuals for proper system operations and maintenance