lux et labora
To work with light means to work in a medium
whose nature the human mind doesn’t yet know how to contain.

- how wonderful -

…a medium, that is invisible but which makes visible,
that creates its complement, the shadow,
without which the illuminated world could give us no orientation.
A potent medium, whose influence on us reaches far beyond
what the retina perceives.

Applying light means to work with a natural medium
which is in the most elementary way, essential to life. Light belongs to the
most primary of categories, an indispensable, basic necessity of life.
Our physical and mental well-being is affected by its quality,
and is impacted by its physical manifestation.

Building with light means to build a non-material architecture,
which is entangled with the material in the most fundamental of ways.
Lighting architecture is visible to us in built architecture and vice versa,
neither is visible alone.

Designing with light means to make visible information out of the optical.
Light is an omnipotent dramatical instrument of narration and illustration,
the visual staging or the staging of oneself.

The light sets the stage for our world,
we set the stage for our world with light.